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How to Become an Affiliate:

It's easy to become an affiliate, all you need is a ClickBank account. If you don't have an account and want to then Sign Up Now.

Create a Hoplink

Next, you'll just need to send potential customers to the following link (called a hoplink):


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With other gold products the return rate is usually between 3-5% (and they brag about this). Most of these products are worthless and people frequently use their return policy. Because of the high quality nature of my course, rarely anyone will try to return for a refund, and if they do, we have a full-time staff that works with them to make sure they are satisfied, thus avoiding any returns. We've only had 3 returns in thousands of sales that were from dissatisfaction.

New To the World of Warcraft Niche?

With now over 12 million subscribers of World of Warcraft there is no time better than now to become an affiliate and to take advantage of this very lucrative money making niche. World of Warcraft has only become increasingly more popular with every expansion it releases and there is more demand for gold guides as players try to purchase items for their characters.

Gold guides are always in high demand since players always have a demand for more and more gold. There is no limit to the amount of gold that can be made and as players get more advanced through the game the more gold they need. A gold guide is the ultimate companion for any WoW player.

With all the publicity of gold sellers and Blizzard cracking down on players buying gold and using hacks to get gold, players are looking for alternatives for getting large quantities of gold and gold guides are the answer.

Right now you have the opportunity to become part of a high converting and dare I say easy to dominate niche. If you have the desire to make more money with little effort then I strongly encourage you to become an affiliate of my Gold Cap Course.

Marketing Strategies

There are dozens of unique approaches you can take to selling my product and making yourself money. If you are new to internet marketing read through all of these to get an idea of how you can promote WoW products. The idea behind all of these strategies is to share your hoplink with as many people as possible. Find places where WoW players look for information, provide some free information and throw in a small blip about your experience with my guide.

Forum & Discussion Sites

If you're already active on a World of Warcraft forum this is an extremely easy thing to do. Even if you're not active you can find questions on other forums that are easy to answer and answer them while promoting my guide.

For example, take a look at the WoWHead Professions Forum. There is usually a topic asking something general about a profession. You can insert your experience with the profession and share a review of my gold guide right below it. Make sure your comments add something to the discussion, otherwise you will be quickly banned by the forum's moderators.

Here's a list of popular discussion sites:

Forum/Blog/Comment Signatures

You can passively promote my product by slipping it into your forum signature. Here are some examples:

Sample 1:
Sample 2:


One of the easiest ways to get started is to start by blogging. There are several great free places you can start in a matter of minutes. You can post anything World of Warcraft related, PvP, gold making that you do, your raid progression, your leveling progress, anything. Share the link on a few forums so that search engines find you and next thing you know you'll be getting regular traffic (learn more about SEO to find out more ways to get traffic).

Once your blog is setup you can use my banners below to send traffic and make money. You can also post a review on an existing blog or post comments on someone else's blog about your experience with my product. Here is a list of a few sites you can start free blogs at:

Video Tutorials, Testimonials and Reviews

People create videos about World of Warcraft all the time. Some of them are entertaining and some are educational. You can share your own personal gold making tips in a video tutorial and upload it to places like YouTube where thousands of people will watch it and see your hoplink. You can also share your experience with my product in a video testimonial or video review. A lot of people search for video testimonials before they purchase my product and by sharing your experience you can earn the commission.

You can use a screen capture program to video yourself playing WoW, you can record your face talking about the product or use a slide show program like PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress to create a video review, testimonial or tutorial. All of these will generate a good deal of targeted traffic.

Put your hoplink in YouTube annotations, text overlay at the end of the video and in the video description box.

Free Video Sites

Free Screen Capture Programs

Promoting to an Existing Audience

If you already have a large e-mail list or fansite you can use them to make sales. The best way is to send out an e-mail and tell them honestly how well the product works. This is the easiest WoW product to do that for since it is the only one that actually works.

Many people use Pay Per Click to leverage the high conversion of my guide and make money.

Write Articles

A great way to promote your own WoW related site is to write free articles about World of Warcraft. You can write an article about a specific auction house or farming strategy that you use and at the end of it mention your own site or promote my product directly. Each review site has different rules so you might need to submit a certain number of articles before you can include links. You can also write articles that review my guide, people will find these articles when they are looking for a review about the Reaching Gold Cap Course. Here's a list of free article submission sites:

Optimizing Your Website

If you have a WoW related website and want to increase your profits then my product is the best place to start. If you need more help send me an e-mail and I will do a personalized review of your site and assist you in optimizing and maximizing your profit. You can contact me at admin [at] wow-schools.com


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If you have any questions about promoting the guide please let me know.

*Guarantee is based on a variety of factors, to include; promotion technique, traffic origination, audience, promotion tactics, etc. If interested in securing a personalized guarantee please contact us.