WoW Schools Support

Thanks for your interest in WoW Schools. Before you contact our support team, please browse over the frequently asked questions below. If your thirst for knowledge is still not satisfied, feel free to contact our support team at If your question is not in the below FAQ, a member of our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

Is my credit card and other personal information secure when I buy the course?

You can be assured that your credit card and other personal information is secure when you buy this course. Your payment is handled through, a payment system that conducts billions of dollars worth of sales annually and handles payment transactions in a safe and secure manner. If you are interested in learning more we highly suggest that you read (the security policy of ClickBank).

I bought the course but didn't get information on how to get it.

If you bought the course but didn't receive a follow up email or missed the information page with your login and password you can still login at with the username as the e-mail you ordered the course with and the password as the ClickBank Order # you received after purchasing. If you have any problems with this please contact us at Please include your ClickBank Order # and any other information that will help us track down your purchase.

I'm having problems purchasing the product, it says 'Cannot Process Order' or some other error, what can I do?

If you are having problems completing your order we suggest that you ensure you entered the correct information, try another credit card, contact your credit card company, or You might also find a solution at ClickBank's Shopping FAQ. If you are still having issues please contact ClickBank at:

Do I need to be a certain level before I can use this course?

To use this course you only need a level 1 character, a web browser and a few addons (which we'll teach you how to use).

Is this a gold guide, I've seen lots of sites about gold guides?

This is not a gold guide, this is a gold course that includes lessons and step-by-step instructions for reaching gold cap.

Where can I access the course from?

Because the course is available online you can access it from virtually anywhere you have the Internet. Just visit our members area.

What is the difference between your course and a gold guide?

Our course consists of lessons that teach you how to make gold all the way from zero until gold cap. Our course is not simply a big collection of random tips on how to make gold, like many gold guides are, it is a strategy that you can use to get gold.

How often is the course updated?

The course is updated any time we feel anything should be changed or updated to reflect the current game. This may be more often than each patch.

Can I use PayPal to buy the course?

ClickBank handles our payment transactions and when you get through to the payment page you will be able to select PayPal as a payment method.

Can I buy the course with cash, check, or money order?

We currently do not accept cash, check, or money orders as payment methods.

I can't get the course to display in my browser.

If you are having problems loading or opening the course in a browser we suggest you try another such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Google Chrome.

Do you offer refunds if I am not satisfied?

Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you would like a refund, please e-mail us at